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Zachary is a passionate employee advocate and has a deep love for the management profession. He believes that having 82% of Managers in the U.S. in positions they should not be in is not ok. Zachary has set out to help correct this problem by providing the 82% with the resources they need to become The 18%.

Stop Handcuffing Your Managers

We need to talk… And it is something you are doing, but don’t worry, you’re not alone! There is a problem in this country. It may stem from a lack of trust, or maybe from our lack of due diligence, but nonetheless, it is a major problem. This problem costs us billions of dollars per year and ...

The First Roadblock in Mentoring is You

It seems like the hardest part of doing anything is starting. As humans, we have several biological processes that were originally designed to help keep us safe but tend to get in the way now that we live in civilized societies. We fear the unknown and we fear it because it is unknown.

business man trying to choose plan a or pan b

Mentoring or Training, Which Should You Use?

I recently began a mentorship with a colleague of mine, and it really got me thinking. Here is the story. I had been thinking for a while about how to effectively help this colleague get the promotion and hours they desperately wanted, but which they could never quite obtain. This thought process sent me down a path of ...

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What is the 18%?

The 18% You may have noticed a phrase floating around my website. It’s a phrase that has a lot of meaning packed into two words; The phrase is “The 18%.” So what do I mean by this 18% and who/what is this 18%? The answer may actually surprise you, it may even stun you… “The 18%” is ...