Alexa Privacy Policy

The Half Hour Manager’s privacy policy for Morning Management Dose is as follows:

User Provided Information

Pope Media, LLC. (the Half Hour Manager) does not, at this time, require user accounts to access or use our Alexa skills. Pope Media, LLC does not collect personally identifiable information. Our skills do not collect any additional information other than that described in Alexa’s privacy statement provided by Amazon, Inc. The information collected by Amazon, Inc. is not collected by Pope Media, LLC. nor does Pope Media have access to it. Pope Media, LLC. is not responsible for the information collected by Amazon, Inc. You can find more information about Alexa’s Terms of Use here.


Pope Media, LLC. in no way collects, uses, or stores information about users under the age of 13. Children may only use our skills with adult supervision. If you believe a person under the age of 13 has provided us with information, please let us know immediately at so we can investigate and delete the information.