Stop Handcuffing Your Managers

We need to talk… And it is something you are doing, but don’t worry, you’re not alone!

There is a problem in this country. It may stem from a lack of trust, or maybe from our lack of due diligence, but nonetheless, it is a major problem. This problem costs us billions of dollars per year and it’s an easy problem to fix. Left unchecked however it will ruin employee morale and your bottom line. The problem is that YOU are handcuffing your managers!

Each year in the U.S. alone, 82% of the managers chosen for the job either lack the skills necessary or are just a bad fit for the position they are selected for. This is a horrific stat, I know, but it’s true. This has led to many organizations dumbing things down and taking power away from their mid to lower level management, essentially handcuffing them.

Why is Handcuffing Bad for the Manager?

When you handcuff your lower level managers, it immediately lets them know you do not trust them. Distrust leads to lower morale, which leads to crappy performance and disengaged employees which cost up to $500 billion annually in lost productivity. Plus let’s face it, if you don’t trust the manager, why should their team? Lacking trust in your managers creates a systemic problem as teams who don’t trust their manager more than likely don’t trust their CEO.

Handcuffing’s Effects on the Team

Handcuffing your managers leads to poor team performance. When your managers are handcuffed, they can’t effectively deal with poor performers and poor performers pull the whole team down. When poor performers are not effectively dealt with, it lowers team morale, increases your turnover and contributes to the $500 billion in lost productivity from above.

How You Can Help

The number one thing you can do is trust your managers! When you trust your managers their team trusts them and compared with people at low-trust companies, people at high-trust companies report: 74% less stress, 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days, 76% more engagement, 29% more satisfaction with their lives, and 40% less burnout.


So, yes you may have chosen the wrong candidate for the job and yes some of your managers may make poor decisions, but handcuffing only exacerbates the situation. Instead, you need to provide them with the tools and training they need to become a manager you can truly trust. Simply handcuffing them will cost your company money, morale, great employees, and lost productivity. Stop handcuffing your managers!

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